Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crafting priorities and more elegant poop disposal

Hundreds of cosmos are blooming in our garden. I think these orange ones nicely evoke the feeling of this period between summer and fall (although today's triple digit temps didn't make it feel like September here!)

The other day I found myself getting wound up about all the things I want to sew compared with the very little time I have to execute a full project. At the same time, almost 2 year old Noodle is becoming very interested in paints, crayons, markers, glue and the like. So, rather than losing sleep over learning new sewing techniques, I've been trying to make nurturing her interest my priority. I recently discovered The Crafty Crow ,a blog with lots of creative ideas and resources. Although trying out new projects will be much fun, just a few crayons, some newsprint, and mumma's undivided attention seem to bring out our little Picasso.

Meanwhile, there's the less romantic side of parenting a toddler and two dogs: a considerable amount of time collecting and disposing of poop. We recycle lots of plastic bags around here for the this purpose. Tired of the old Huggies box that used to hold our bag stash, I decided to stitch up a couple of these bag holders/dispensers. This project was simple, even for this beginner. But if you're looking for a tutorial, Sew Mama Sew has one posted as part of their Sewing for the Home month.

Here's a closeup of the remnant I used.

And here's the full project. (Obviously this jasmine plant will not be its permanent home, but the light was much better here on the deck!) How elegant! (sort of.)

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