Sunday, July 20, 2008

Garden Greens and Golds

I love the yellow/green hue of this time in the growing season. There have been plenty of "mistakes to learn from" during our first full year of gardening in zone 14. The deer, slugs (who seem to love everything deer-resistant), gophers (one of whom has lately been slowly tugging an eggplant seedling underground) and quail (who mined every single little seed I put in the ground in March) have already taught us plenty of lessons. By May, I'd given up on direct sowing and planted six tomato plant seedlings, hoping that the local wildlife would leave a few fruits for us to enjoy. These roma-like tomatoes were labeled at a local plant sale as Italian Gold. We're not sure if they will be yellow or red, but there are plenty on the plant promising a decent harvest. Also prolific are our Cherokee Purples. I've always wanted to grow this heirloom variety and can't wait for the first one to ripen!

These are our merlot grapes, planted by the previous home owner.

Here are the first yellow squash from a packet of seeds we bought for 10 cents at the local Dollar Tree.

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